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Saturday, May 15, 2010

You may think of the obituary as a dying art.........
but you would be mistaken.  The purpose of this blog is to champion those who have made obituary writing a journalistic career.  The writers who have long toiled without recognition or celebration play a very important role in our lives,  in our history and in our connection to our families and communities.

This blog will welcome your queries about the art of the obituary and about those who pen the stories of the lives we honor. 

Obituarists--the word we use to encompass all those who are obit writers; those who study the obituary as a literary art;  those who follow the daily papers to learn of the lives of the famous and the unknown whose names are listed on the obituary pages and websites of the world's newspapers.

In short, the obituary page is filled with life stories of individuals we may not even know.  But once read, those stories give us yet another part of the puzzle of the cycle of life.

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